Tired of the same old flavors...

Let your tastebuds travel with AfroFood



AfroFood is a line of gourmet spices developed to bring exotic flavors of Africa directly to your everyday cuisine.

Yetunde “Yeti” Ezeanii, the founder of Afrofoodtv.com (an online resource for everything epicuriously African) and creator and host of the culinary television show “A Taste of Africa,” announces the launch of AfroFoodTM Spices — a line of gourmet spices developed to bring the exotic flavors of African cuisine to American kitchens.

“African cuisine is a part of my heritage as well as my passion,” says Ezeanii.  “I created this line of AfroFoodTM Spices to bring the diverse flavors of my kitchen to yours.”
Ezeanii launched AfroFoodTM Spices so that home cooks can prepare traditional dishes with an African twist.  Some of the spices are imported from Africa, and each of the seven custom-blended varieties comes in a decorative glass jar costing an average of $8.  AfroFoodTM Spices are currently sold exclusively online through Afrofood.com.

Africa is a continent of more than a billion people residing in more than 50 countries.  Each of these countries is at a different level of development with varying climates, terrains and cultural influences.   Cooking styles and ingredients – including available spices – also differ from region to region.  This spice line represents popular spices from the four corners of the continent enabling home chefs to bring the intense flavors and aromas of African cuisine to their own dishes.

Africa is a diverse continent offering an unexplored world of flavors. To learn more about African cuisine and culture, visit AfroFoodtv.com .  Launched in September 2006 by Ezeanii, AfroFoodtv.com is an online resource for everything epicuriously African.  The Web site provides dozens of recipes and video cooking demonstrations of the most popular African food recipes from each region of the continent.